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Christmas, 2012

Well, it’s here. Christmas. And we have tons to be thankful for.

We still have our health.

Over the last year we have added two dogs to our happy yet uniquely bizarre band of misfit toys.

We have had our share of heartbreaks too.

Friends have moved farther along the Path, waiting for us with Jesus in the Clearing.

There are still too many hungry babies and grown folks around, and we try our best to lend a helping hand and share at least a kind word.

Too many people across the country continue to carry hate for others. And have no qualms about sharing it.

There is too much superficiality.

But, despite it all, we know that there is something great about each breath we take, about each day we have the opportunity to see the mountains behind our home, about the sun and wind and rain that touches our faces as we cast our eyes skyward.

We are thankful for each of you, whose Paths have crossed ours at any point in the last year. We send our love, laughs, and well-wishes.

Have a blessed holiday season and may it be filled with awe, wonder, thankfulness, and joy.

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