Worth Remembering

I am sitting on the floor in my living room, watching NBC News with music playing in the background and a brown dog looking lovingly into my eyes. Despite all that activity, I sit here contemplating Lent, love, friendship, and loss. I continue to miss my greatest friend, Don Buchanan on this, the day before he came and went. In that space between spaces, I see him from time to time; the last occasion was in a dream, the specifics of which I no longer remember. Nonetheless, it was a good and familiar reunion.

Tomorrow will mark four years since Don left. What was April 1 like? I pray that it was a day of peace, despite the departure that soon followed. I comfort myself, selfishly, with that thought. I believe it wholeheartedly, particularly since the Don who happens into those spaces between spaces occasionally is smiling, content, and seems glad I stopped by for a visit.

It has been about 20 years since last I heard Don’s voice and he rarely talks when our spaces between spaces meet these days; the spoken word becomes nonessential at those times. What is important is the emotion, the feeling that comes when true friends, separated for a while, reunite; it is as if only a moment has passed since last we stood in the glow of one another’s aura.

I send extra prayers and positivity to the family as tomorrow dawns with memories. My knowing cannot compare to yours, but I pray that you are well and are finding some comfort through our tangential connection, through pleasant memories, and through loves shared.

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