Dreaming of You…

I believe that, in our times of distress, God parts the eternal curtain and allows our non-tangible selves to meet with loved ones who are already in His presence. I would submit that such meetings occur in the haze of our dream life. I have had a trying couple of weeks, filled with upset, hurt, fear, despair; I had a dream and in it my most wonderful of friends showed up–Don Buchanan. He was as I remembered from so many years ago, smiling and leather-jacketed. I could feel the texture of his hand, warm and guitar-playing tough. We talked of I don’t remember what, and I woke up, sad and missing him still, but better for having seen him. I can only imagine how his family feels based on the void I have carried since the early 90s that stayed in the background as a dull ache while I carried hope of seeing him again in this place. Now, I am left spent, randomly leaking tears of loss, regretting the span of time and the ‘should haves’ that cannot now even be embarrassingly laughed about.
But occasionally I can meet him again, as we were over two decades ago, as if time and space had held their breath for us. My heart breaks still and yet I hope to one day embrace my most wonderful friend again when we meet at the Great Crossroad…
I hope that on your side, you felt the warmth of my hand too. Look for me, when my time comes, so we can once again laugh together, when time and distance and existence will separate no more.

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Friday, February 17th, 2012 Confessions of a Cave Dweller

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