Preparing for Pi

Pi at the shelter

So Christopher talked me into looking and here’s who I found. We named him Pi, like the mathematical symbol. I found him on the shelter website the day before Christmas and was disappointed to find that the shelter was closed; it was also closed on Monday, which caused me a bit of anxiety. So on Tuesday morning we sauntered over to the shelter and found a line; our hopes were that no one else was interested in the floppy-eared pup and as it turned out, no one was. However, he was not available for adoption until Wednesday. We received an official blue paper with his ID number on it and were told to come back. Bright and early on Wednesday morning we were again in line at the shelter door and eagerly presented our official blue paper, after which we were taken to his cage. We went into the play enclosure and he was brought in to us. We romped for a moment before Christopher grabbed him and carried him to the counter, where we announced that we were adopting him. A shelter official promptly appeared with a menacing hypodermic which we discovered contained an identification chip; the soon-to-be our pet was tagged, we paid, and he was whisked off to the vet for checking and neutering. We pick him up tomorrow.

So what does a soon-to-be family of a dog do with nearly 24 hours of free time before he arrives? Shop, of course. Off to the home improvement store to find substitutes for the pieces of fence which disappeared due to Santa Ana winds. Off to the pet emporium to buy far too many things including puppy food, a puppy bed for the crate we already have, harnesses, leashes, collars for the bling of his nametag and chip ID badge, the aforementioned nametag (engraved with our name, contact number and his name of course) toys, puppy-rearing magazines since it’s been years since either Christopher or I have had a puppy, pee-pee pads, odor and stain remover, and I can’t remember what-all else. We are well-stocked for Pi’s arrival tomorrow.

Hopefully he’s ready for us.

Thursday, December 29th, 2011 Animal Chronicles

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