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From San Bernardino to Phoenix

Hello kiddies!

It has been just about forever since I’ve posted here; actually I’ve posted in a few other places but not here. Anyway, I’m sitting in Phoenix Sky Harbor airport on my way to Philly International. I’ve got a two hour layover so it seemed the best time to share the story of my trip so far.

My plan was to get on the plane in Ontario CA, fly as quietly as possible to Phoenix AZ, and sleep for as long as possible on the flight to Philly PA since I’ve got a full day planned after landing at 6am.

And then I got on the plane in Ontario.

It was just about empty, which was a surprise. I’ve never been on a flight that had so many empty seats and I am hopeful that I won’t be cramped in on the way to Philly; last check however the plane is basically full I think (hope I was just looking at the image wrong). As I approached my seat, 10D, I was greeted by a beatific smile of my new row-mate, who turned out to be Brian. Brian said he was from the Philly area but was originally from Kentucky. The accent gave that away immediately. He shared that he has about a zillion airline miles and almost as many miles on his car from work-related travel. His nickname is “Bruce Bruce” and he likes various Philly-area R&B music. Brian is a Christian and so we talked about the Lord. Although we are both headed to Philly, he managed to get a multi-airline situation which took him out of the US Air terminal and off to whatever airline was connecting through I-forgot-where to Philly.

Did I mention the flight left Ontario at around 7pm?

On an average Thursday, I get off work at either 7 or 8pm. This week is one of my 7pm weeks and typically at the time the plane was hurdling down the runway I am quietly driving home. Just music, no conversation.

Today was not a typical Thursday. I was in conversation all the way from before take-off to after landing. There is quite a crowd here by the gate from which my next flight will leave, so I think I’ll be mashed in the flying tube with a whole bunch of folks. Hopefully none of my row mates will be the guy who just walked by, talking to himself.

Brian shared that he had graduated from a Christian college (that piece of conversation was sparked by my Azusa Pacific University bag I’m sure) and that he’s spent time preaching. He described himself as essentially a work in progress. Aren’t we all.

I prayed with Brian before taking off for the gate from which my flight will leave in two hours. I prayed that both of us would be safe and be returned to our families safely. I mentioned that God brings His children together in the most unlikely places for the most unlikely reasons, and that hopefully our conversation was purposeful.

Sometimes it is important to put ourselves aside and be more than a silent fellow traveler through this life’s journey. I’m still looking forward to that nap, but am not upset about the not-so-silent trip to Phoenix. If I’ve touched a life in a positive way, then I guess I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to.

Until the next installment…

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