A nobody’s reflections on New Orleans, pt. 2

It is Friday and it is late. I am tired because I have been on the computer too long. It is Friday and it is early. The noise outside the hotel window says that the party is only just beginning and almost as loudly as it tells me that I am getting old.

We spent a good portion of our day learning about Delgado Community College and how it, its staff, faculty, administrators, and students, were affected by Katrina. We heard from Campus Police Chief Doucette, who shared with us a story no one outside that room has heard regarding first responders’ experiences in the storm. We heard from a wonderful woman, Monique Michelle, who shared her grandmom and her indigenous story of the bayou and surrounding parishes. The weight of the stories makes me tired. They still make me cry with as much passion even though I am not from any of the parishes in or around New Orleans, even though I have no personal storm story, even though it has been three years.

An interesting thing though. I forgot to bring the transfer cable to the digital and so as not to miss photo opportunities, I bought this teeny tiny digital. I set it with hi-res and low compression so it would hold 60 photos. Today was my trial and while the images are not as clear as I would like, it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen, nor is it horrid for a $10 Walgreen’s special. I have since reset it with hi-res, high compression so it will hold only 20 photos on our next outing.

Although today was full, I think tomorrow will hold even more.

Saturday, June 21st, 2008 Miscellaneous Updates

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