A nobody’s reflections on New Orleans, pt. 1

So by nobody I mean me–a person who has never been here before and has no ties to the city or state.

I arrived on Tuesday to find a lovely airport and efficient ground transportation to my hotel. As we drove on the 10 freeway, I thought of its western end in California and realized that none of us are ever truly far away from home. As we came into the downtown area, we could see the Super Dome and by the looks on the faces and the body postures of my fellow travelers, we were all thinking about Katrina. There were signs for demolition companies–new signs. There were the above-ground cemeteries, some of which were obviously damaged. There were people doing construction on buildings and I believe we were all wondering if the repairs were Katrina-related.

I was interested in this place known as the French Quarter and found it to be very much in temperament to the boardwalk summers I grew up with–a warm evening filled with music in the streets, vendors everywhere, and drunk tourists. I hope to find more out there today than that. I was however excited to discover Bubba Gump’s, nostalgic for the ambiance insinuated by Forrest Gump. So that will be one stop on my tourist tour…

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008 Miscellaneous Updates

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