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So, where do you worship?

I know some of you from back east who know our “typical think” would probably ask us that question 🙂

We were blessed to discover North Hills Church–check out the home page from the “blogroll” link to the right…

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Christopher immortalized!

Hey, guess what?? Christopher’s been immortalized!

Molly Carpenter, a fantastic artist, sculptress, and all-around great person, did a bust of Christopher before we left Salem. You can see it, can check out her other works, or order up a customized sculpture of your own at her website.

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Christmas 2007

Warning: you may receive an abridged version of this post in your mailbox.

Yes, this is our Christmas 2007 update, XL version. It will be modified and sent to those folks who 1) don’t have email or 2) we didn’t remember had email. It has been a very busy year, chock full of changes; here’s the skinny:


Thanks to his wife, who since 2005 has had a very bad case of…what’s a good word…wanderlust?…Christopher has been uprooted (more on the specifics of all that below). He has happily been dragged across the country and is now squirreled away in his studio, planning his next move. He has been completing a number of art and recording projects and is patiently waiting for the release of Cousin Kelly’s full CD release.

God works in mysterious ways; in the course of this hectic move about the country, Christopher has been reunited with two of his original Imani African Dance students, whom he taught when they were just little people. Both are now adults with children of their own…


To define the term above, wanderlust…in 2005, Andree’ had the pleasure of traveling to Tucson, Arizona with her family to attend the Fielding Graduate University School of Educational Leadership and Change National Session (remember, earlier in 2005 she joined Fielding as a doctoral student); Christopher had warned her, prior to their leaving the Philadelphia International Airport, that she would most likely love it there. At the time, she thought nothing of his warning. However, after a week in the foothills at the Westward Look Resort, she was hooked. So hooked in fact that once she, Christopher, and Khalil were seated on the plane to return to Philly International, she cried for 45 minutes. From that moment, she was determined to find work and relocate.

Fast-forward to 2006: Andree’ had been working as the Director of Community Outreach and the Salem City location of Salem Community College since 2000. That position was eliminated in the fall and she was appointed to the position of Manager of Institutional Research, Planning, and Development. This was quite a change and took Andree’ away from working with students, customers, and constituents; in fact, she could no longer serve on the local committees she had been involved with for almost the entire time she’d been there. The appointment was initially temporary, which inspired Andree’ to search for work in the West all the more; she’d by this time expanded her search to include Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California.

Jump to 2007: Andree’ was blessed to be selected to serve Azusa Pacific University’s Inland Empire Regional Center as Director. Wanderlust satiated…


Khalil was also dragged across the country by his mom; he was somewhat miserable during the almost 3,000 mile trip but survived nicely. He has become a very good student at the newly built Cesar Chavez Middle School and is quite the builder; his Bionicles collection is coming along nicely.


While the move to SoCal (Southern California, for those of you yet to be initiated) has been great, there were a few sad highlights. We are close to 3,000 miles away from family and friends. Although she made the trip like a trooper, our senior cat Jingles passed away about a month or so after our arrival.


God works in mysterious ways. We were introduced to a cat in Salem and brought her home; we named her Pepper. We brought her with us to California, only to find out that she was pregnant. She was just as surprised as we were.


You can see Pepper and all the babies on our web album entitled “Critters”.

You can also see a slideshow of our trip across the country on our web album entitled “California Bound”.

And for now, that is our update. We pray that you have had a good year and that your New Year will be blessed. Be on the lookout for more updates, hopefully…

The Adventure Continues…

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