Long ago in a land far away…

Oops, sorry–that’s a different story.

Welcome to NealTrek, the periodic update page for the Neal family. We tend to not be so great at writing letters and such, so we thought this would be a way to keep you updated on the important happenings in our lives.

In case you were curious, the picture above in our page header of the cacti was taken by Christopher; these particular cacti are living happily on Harrison Street here in San Bernardino, CA. Harrison Street is about five or six miles from us and is a familiar route. It is filled with lots of interesting plant life, including tumbleweed!


You might be thinking, “Wow, that looks like a large tumbleweed”. However, to put it in perspective, Christopher was kind enough to take another shot of it. As it sat in front of his car, Big Blue (for those of you who don’t remember Big Blue, it is a very large GMC Suburban 4×4…notice the NJ tags still affixed):

Big Blue Tumbleweed

Anyway, on with the important stuff about the blog.

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